Education Leader Carrus and Zenerchi, Physiology SimViz.AI Pioneer, Combine Forces for New Healthcare Course Development

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Life extension and biomedical simulation and visualization AI company Zenerchi™ LLC (www.SimViz.AI) and Carrus (, one of the nation’s most trusted providers of online healthcare training and professional development, are taking online medical education to a significant next level with the launch of a new online course initiative utilizing the Zenerchi physiology simulation and visualization platform.

Both organizations are leaders in the health and physiology industry, and both have created and shared educational courseware and material for use in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Now the two companies have come together on a new initiative with even greater implications for the growing industry of health and medical education online.


Utah’s Bio-Tech Company, Zenerchi Just Released An Essential COVID-19 Educational Video…And You Should Watch It

(The American Reporter)

It’s the hero the world deserves and is certainly the one the world needs right now. Sorry Christopher Nolan, we had to adjust Gotham’s Dark Knight to the World’s White Knight amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. Back in November, FanX co-founder Bryan Brandenburg unveiled his newest biotech company, Zenerchi, to Grit Daily News, which has been in the works for decades, going back to Brandenburg’s years and involvement in the biotech industry.

Since mid-2019, the company has been expanding its technology platform to help empower new wellness and medical uses across industries such as the entertainment, education, and exhibition sectors. Zenerchi’s technology platform is built upon open-source physiology simulation software that was developed by teams at Stanford University, MIT, Indiana University, Harvard’s Medical School and the U.S. Department of Defense.


Physiology Pioneer Zenerchi Announces Coronavirus Initiative, New Funding, Appoints Real Estate Magnate Brandon Fugal to Board

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Life extension and biomedical simulation and visualization AI company Zenerchi™ LLC (www.SimViz.aitoday announced it has leveraged its platform to create educational and time-sensitive content about the coronavirus pandemic. The Coronavirus COVID-19 YouTube version of the content is available for distribution.

The company utilized key components of its platform to create a new level of advanced coronavirus visualizations including the human cell, flu, and COVID-19 along with its nucleus, proteins, and associated chains and amino acid sequences.

Since mid 2019, the company has been expanding the Zenerchi technology platform to empower new wellness and medical uses across industries including entertainment, education and exhibition, and is leveraging and advancing GUI/UX, AI, VR, AR and real time 3D technology for entirely new paradigms of use. (…)


Forbes: This Visualization Technology Could Change How You See Yourself

Zenerchi, a Salt Lake City-based startup, is developing medical visualization technology for museums, healthcare and wellness providers and for individuals that could fundamentally change the way humans see themselves.

Founded by Bryan Brandenburg, who co-founded Comic Con Salt Lake … It turns out, he dropped out of college a few credits shy of a dual degree in applied physics and applied math to do graphics for early video game technology.

“After this, I created flight, golf and human simulators based on the science of aerodynamics and early versions of artificial intelligence in video games,” Brandenburg told me. “Later I was instrumental in visualizing human anatomy, biology, and microbiology as CEO of Zygote Media Group. I created 3D models and the associated physics of the solar system and built the International Space Station, space shuttle, Hubble Telescope, the Earth and moon and a lunar base in 3D.”

Brandenburg’s science cred is validated by having one of Utah’s most respected biotech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, Dr. Dinesh Patel, join the board. While Zenerchi will have entertainment and educational aspects, Brandenburg isn’t just playing around. (…)