Inside Out: Bringing the miracle of human physiology forward, for all

“The Unity Platform of Healthcare & Wellness”

Our mission is to create the #1 human body simulation, visualization and AI cloud-based platform in the world that will be the catalyst for a new era of products and uses. The education,
diagnostic and business uses for this technology will serve wellness, healthcare and education, as well as creating visualization capabilities far beyond our current technology realm.

In a nutshell, we will provide the applied understanding of human physiology in ways that can impact every aspect of our human existence for good.

Corporate Documentation


Business Plan

Investment Contracts

Corporate Videos & Technology Highlights

Zenerchi Corporate Sizzler Video (12/3/19)

Zenerchi Corporate Video – Draft

Zenerchi Platform GUI with Fractal Physiology

Zenerchi Tech Overview – Narrated

Zenerchi Medical Room Overview – Narrated
Full Body Physiology Simulation – Internet of Body

Zenerchi Intro to COVID-19

Whole Cell Simulation
M. Genitalium

Zenerchi Augmented Reality Targets

Zenerchi Anatomy Animation Demo

Zenerchi Brain to DNA Visualization

Zenerchi Circulatory and Heart Visualization



Zenerchi Platform GUI with Fractal Physiology

Zenerchi Fractal Physiology GUI
12/30/19 Prototype

Zenerchi IoB Vitals GUI
4K 1/6/20 Prototype

Fractal Physiology GUI

Coronavirus and Microbiology Real Time 3D Environments

Coronavirus – Zenerchi Viewer Room

Coronavirus – Lung Cilia

Coronavirus Real Time 3D Environment

Prokaryote Real Time 3D Environment

Influenza Visualization

Cancer Cell Division Real Time 3D Environment

Patent Pending Anti-aging device

Human Gyroscope Life Extension Device